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Sigung Norman Smith

Sigung Norman Smith

Sigung (Grand Master) Norman Smith started his practice in martial arts in 1966 when he trained in the ancient Japanese art of Shoto-Kan karate (for discipline as a little boy).

In 1967 Sigung Smith studied the Korean arts under Master Parks in the style of Tae Kyun. After achieving his 4th degree black belt he moved on to study under Master Jung Sa Lee and Master Hung in both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. While training in the traditional karate style of sparring, he decided to take his fighting expertise into the full contact arena at the age of fifteen.

Sigung Smith continued his martial arts studies in Los Angeles, California, where he had the honor of studying under Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong. There he learned the art of Tiger-Crane (Five Pattern Fist), Mok-Gar, Tai Mantis and a family style of Wing Chun.

Sigung Smith came back to the east coast and studied Tien Shan Pai (Northern Shaolin Kungfu ) under Grandmaster Willy Lin, Master Dennis Brown and Co-Teacher Shirfu Thomas Hardy.

Both Master Smith and Shirfu Hardy work together thru the 1980's to incorporate the additional forms and weapon sets that were originally taught by Supreme Grandmaster Wang Jyue Jen.

In 1975 Master Smith opened the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy in Germantown Pa.(along with Shirfu Hardy).

In spite of his busy martial arts schedule which was his true passion, he continued his Southern style training in (Fu Hoc Kuen) with Master Ki B. Young where he learn how to use these Tiger Crane techniques in a full contact arena.

In 1980's Master Smith continued studies in internal arts such as Wu- & Chen styles of Tai Chi Chuan.(to gain a better understanding of his Yang style).

In 1989, Master Smith began a "Close Door" training in Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Smith continues to teach today, the many health virtues for doing Tai Chi and Qi-Gong as well as the self -defense martial arts aspects.

In 1989, Master Smith promoted the First "Martial Arts Extravaganza" held in Philadelphia at Temple University where he had an all Kungfu exhibition with top Kungfu schools from all over the east cost area to share in his dream of martial arts schools demonstrating their skills to the public for Racial Harmony.

In 1995, Master Smith also promoted the Second "Martial Arts Extravaganza" which was a much larger success with over 45 top martial arts schools coming together for the Phila. Mayor's Commission on Literacy which was aired on Television and Broadcast on radio on WDAS & Power 99 fm.

Due to the respect fellow martial artist have of Master Smith and his martial arts passion These Martial Artist came from all over the east cost to help and support and to share his dream.

In 1996 He help sponsored "China's Wu Shu Team Tour" from Beijing China.

In 1997 he promoted the Phila. Martial Arts Extravganza III to help raise funds to benefit "Women Organized Against Rape", which was a very successful event with over 47 Martial Arts schools demonstrating their Art.

In 1998 he also co-promoted and coached the Kung Fu team at the Comcast (Best of the Best) All Black Belt Martial Arts Competition show with President Pat Croce and the Philadelphia 76ers at the CoreStates Spectrum, which featured the Shaolin Monks of China and World Top Martial arts competitors all over the world.

Today Sigung Smith presently has opened the new "Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy" for Kung Fu & Tai Chi in Audubon PA (Audubon Square Shopping Center). Sigung Smith who has taught many top Martial Artists and still has many of his original top students from as far back as 1975.

Grandmaster Smith continues to teach classes both privately and as a group. He is also the owner of "Superior Martial Arts Supply" (over 12,000 items) and "Superior Arts Uniforms", which supply martial arts schools and stores throughout the world.

Sigung Norman Smith

Sigung Norman Smith's Accomplishments:

  • Inducted into International Kung Fu Hall of fame with the Winner of the "Golden Warrior" award for his outstanding fighting ability over the years given by the International Kung Fu Federation.
  • Sigung Smith was honored and noted for his teachings and the sharing of his unique winning sparring techniques to other martial artists.
  • He was noted for providing a forum for all styles of martial arts to work together to help benefit of the community.
  • Sigung Smith is known for his connections in China, and he is very well respected throughout the martial arts community.
Email Address [email protected]

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