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Welcome to The Northern Shaolin Academy! . . . Come and See our New Kung Fu Dragon & Tiger classes (Ages 5 up 15 ) On Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

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Kids Benefits

Five Reasons Every Kids Should Be Enrolled In The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy

Five Reasons Every Child Should Be Enrolled In
The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy

  1. Improved Report Cards:

    Our curriculum is designed to teach children the importance of concentration. They will improve concentration to allow your children will learn more in school. Therefore, you can expect grades for both academics and attitude.
  2. Positive Attitude

    Kids in our program learn to have a positive “Yes I Can” Attitude. Kids learn to be respectful of their parents and teachers. Children must learn to say Yes Sir or Ma’am.
  3. Kung Fu Builds Healthy Kids:

    Kung Fu is a great workout. Your child will breathe and sleep better. Children who take Kung Fu will become slimmer, make better decisions about food, and in general, learn to take care of themselves. You won’t see any of our Students smoking or using drugs, now or ever!
  4. Self Confidence & Success:

    It’s true; kids who take Kung Fu develop better self-confidence. They’re encouraged to take chances, to push themselves further than they thought possible. Kids are in a safe and healthy environment.

    Kung Fu will give them the experience to teach them that they can be successful at anything if they truly believe they can and are willing to work hard. Improved confidence leads to better grades, a better circle of friends, better performance in sports and extracurricular activities in general.
  5. Self Defense:

    Kung Fu teaches two forms of self-defense. One is physical. Your child will improve his or her strength, flexibility and overall health. Hopefully your child will never be picked on or need to fight…Your Children will learn how to protect them-selves.

    Secondly, your child will learn to develop how to spot danger and avoid dangerous people, places and activities.

    Kung Fu can help your child avoid the need for a physical confrontation.

For more information check out our Kids Kung Fu and Wushu classes as well as our After School Program.

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