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Northern (Mandarin) Chinese Terminology

Chinese Terminology


Tien Shan Pai
Tien Shan Pai (Celestial Mountain System)
Celestial Mountain System
Guo Shu Guo Shu (Martial Arts) "Martial Arts"


Ma Bu Horse Stance
Kung Bu Forward Stance
(Bow and Arrow Stance)
Hsu Bu Empty Stance
(Cat Stance)
Pan Bu Coiling Stance
(Scissors Stance)
Du Li Bu One Leg Stance
Fu Hu Bu Taming Tiger Stance
Chi Sing Bu Seven Star Stance
Pu Bu Drop Stance
Xie Bu Sitting Stance
Chi Lin Bu Unicorn Stance
Yen Bu Swallow Stance
Chi Bu Chicken Stance


Li Chuan Vertical Fist
Pin Chuan Horizontal Fist
Shoang Shou Fan Hand
Pi Chuan Axe Fist
Kan Shou Slashing Palm
Chang Da Palm Strike
Bou Chuan Whip Strike
Yang Shou Upward Hand
Yin Shou Downward Hand


Tam Twei Spring Leg
Shang Ti Twei Raise Leg Kick
Ci Ti Twei Side Kick
Wai Bai Twei Outside Crescent Kick
Lie He Twei Inside Crescent Kick
Deng Twei Heel Kick
Dang Twei Nailing Kick
Ma Hou Twei Back Kick

Primary Drills

Xiao Yi Dui Lu Small First Road Routine
Xiao Er Dui Lu Small Second Road Routine
(24B Drills)
Dai Yi Dui Lu Big First Road Routine
Dai Er Dui Lu Big Second Road Routine
(40B Drills)

Tien Shan Pai Forms


Tien Shan Pai Forms

Tzu Chi Chuan
Tzu Chi Chuan (Primary Fist)
Primary Fist
Lien Bu Chuan
(aka Long Chuan)
Lien Bu Chuan (Linking Step Fist)
Long Chuan (Dragon Fist)
Linking Step Fist
(aka Dragon Fist)
Sung Chi Chuan
Sung Chi Chuan (Intermediate Fist)
Intermediate Fist
Gung Li Chuan
Gung Li Chuan (Power Development Fist)
Power Development Fist
Man Jiang Hong
Man Jiang Hong (Whole River Red)
Whole River Red

Mi Sung
Mi Sung (Lost Track)

Lost Track Forms

Chi Chuan
Chi Chuan (Sudden Fist)
Sudden Fist

Ba Chi Chuan
Ba Chi Chuan (Eight Extremes Fist)

Eight Extremes Fist Forms

Ba Chi Chuan
Ba Chi Chuan (Eight Extremes Fist)
Eight Extremes Fist

Cha Chuan Jiao Men
Cha Chuan Jiao Men (Cha Fist Sect Boxing)

Cha Fist Sect Boxing Forms

Tam Twei
Tam Twei (Spring Leg)
Spring Leg

Yuan Yang Chuan
Yuan Yang Chuan (Mandarin Duck Fist Forms)

Mandarin Duck Fist Forms

Yuan Yang Twei
Yuan Yang Twei (Mandarin Duck Kick)
Mandarin Duck Kick

Sun Bin Chuan
Sun Bin Chuan (Long Sleeves Fist)

Long Sleeves Fist Forms

San Shi Er Sun Bin
San Shi Er Sun Bin (32 Long Sleeves)
32 Long Sleeves

Liang Shan Chuan
Liang Shan Chuan (Liang Mountain Fist)

Liang Mountain Fist Forms

Shi Er Twei
Shi Er Twei (12 Kicks)
12 Kicks
Lien Huan Twei
Lien Huan Twei (Continuous Linking Kicks)
Continuous Linking Kicks
Mei Hua Chuan
(aka Shaolin Chuan)
Mei Hua Chuan (Plum Blossom Fist)
Shaolin Chuan (Shaolin Fist)
Plum Blossom Fist
(aka Shaolin Fist)
Xiao Hong Chuan
Xiao Hong Chuan (Little Red Fist)
Little Red Fist

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